Practice Areas

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Johnson & Klein, PLLC represents clients in a wide range of legal matters in both state and federal courts.


Our law practice areas include:


Appellate Litigation

Whether in federal or state court, effective appellate representation requires skills that are distinct from those employed at trial.  The attorneys of Johnson & Klein, PLLC offer the research, analytical, and writing skills necessary to identify and frame strong appellate claims and present them persuasively to the appellate courts.

Criminal Defense

We represent clients in a wide range of felonies, including sexual assault, homicide, arson, assault, drug offenses, and “white collar” crimes such as securities law violations, mortgage fraud, and forgery.  The attorneys of Johnson & Klein, PLLC recognize the potentially devastating effect that any criminal prosecution can have on the life of the accused, and that of his or her family.  We are dedicated to protecting the reputations, rights, and liberties of our clients.  Johnson & Klein also handles misdemeanor cases, including harassment, minor assaults, and underage drinking.

Additionally, we offer representation in matters related to the criminal process, such as record sealing, early termination of sex offender registry obligations, the protection of fundamental constitutional rights of those on probation or parole, and representation of students in school suspension or expulsion hearings. We also have experience advising and representing victims and witnesses in criminal and grand jury proceedings.

Prisoners’ Rights

Federal and state prisoners are entitled to civil rights protection under the law.  Our attorneys can assist inmates through informal advocacy with prison officials, obtaining improvements in medical care or conditions of confinement.  We also have experience defending and advising clients about prison disciplinary charges, both at the administrative hearing level within a prison as well as later in court to challenge a prison disciplinary “conviction.”  When necessary, we also litigate the constitutional rights of inmate clients under Section 1983, a federal civil rights statute.

Open Records

State and federal open records laws, such as the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), are designed to make available previously unreleased government information and documents.  At Johnson & Klein, PLLC, we believe these powerful statutes are underutilized by citizens and business entities.  We can help you make appropriate records requests under either of these statutes.  And where the government resists a legitimate disclosure request, Johnson & Klein, PLLC will be ready to file a civil action asking the court to ensure that the government meets its obligations under the law.

General Civil Litigation

In addition to the areas of law described above, we represent individual and small businesses in civil litigation before both state and federal courts.  Among the civil cases we handle are contract disputes, and protection orders.